9 Easy Camping Food Recipes (with little preparation)

Easy Camping Food Recipes

Easy Camping Food Recipes

Hello all,

Today I’m going to introduce you to 9 easy beach camping food recipes that require just a little prep but still yummy.

Foods take an important role in beach camping. But, we can’t be picky since we don’t have all kinds of ingredients or tools at our hands. And, most of us won’t choose to pack all of them – we have other crucial stuff to bring.

So what? Let’s check out the recipes below!

For Breakfast

Early mornings are usually the time when you are in the idlest state. These recipes take you not much time but guarantees you the energy needed to start a new day. Rise and shine, campers!

#1 No-bake Granola Bars

Rate for simplicity: 5/5

Why this? No-cook, home-prepared, quickly-served, no-cleanup.

Feeling uncomfortable of setting a fire too early in the morning? No problem, you can prepare these bars beforehand at home very quickly (less than ten minutes) without even needing an oven.

No-bake Granola Bars
Image: food.com

On the morning at the campsite, pull out some bars, add a glass of milk and you’re ready to start an energetic day! It’s also very adaptable – you can substitute the maple syrup for the corn one, replace raisins with pecans if you’re feeling like a change of flavor.

Recipe link here

#2 DIY Instant Oatmeal

Rate for simplicity: 4/5

Why this? Hot-and-fresh, home-prepared, multiple choice of ingredients.

This is a perfectly easy beach-camping food if you’re looking for something warm to warm up your new day.

DIY Instant Oatmeal

All you have to do is pour some boiling water into the mixture of grains and nuts of your choice; and there you go, a very refreshing breakfast.

Add some fresh fruits to the bowl; you can also replace water with hot milk for the fullest flavor.

Recipe link here (scroll to the end of the post if you only want to check the recipe)

#3 Paper Bag Eggs

Rate for simplicity: 4/5]

Why this? Classic, hearty, hot-and-fresh, no-cleanup.

This is a genius way for breakfast if you’re craving for an English-style meal, but dish-washing is a little bit of a burden.

Paper Bag Eggs

Wrap some bacon, add an egg, wait for a few minutes for the magic to complete; and then enjoy your hearty breakfast – in a paper lunch bag!

Recipe link here

For Lunch

Cooking lunch in the middle of the day can be very challenging. You can simply avoid that with the recipes below. They are all light and nutritious meals, providing you everything you need to continue the fun outdoors.

#4 Tuna Pasta Salad

Rate for simplicity: 5/5

Why this? No-cook, home-prepared, quickly served.

Why wasting so much time making lunch when you have so many thing else to enjoy throughout the day?

Tuna Pasta Salad
Image: food.com

Drained pasta in one Zip-lock, chopped veggie in another, opens up a canned of tuna, and voila! A light and convenient lunch for all the campers! The chopped veggies are up to your choice – you can add chopped onions, scallions for a better and richer taste.

Recipe link here

#5 Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich Loaf

Rate for simplicity: 4/5

Why this? Suitable for large group, mobile-friendly, home-prepared, no-cleanup.

By preparing the onion and pepper beforehand, this beach camping food recipe can become very easy to make.

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich Loaf

You just have to shove everything into a loaf of bread and then leave it in the fire for the cheese to melt.

Simply cut the bread into parts, and your whole camping group can enjoy a quick, but very hearty meal. This recipe also can come into handy if your children are so lost in their fun – you can serve your meal anywhere you want.

Recipe link here

For Dinner

Let foods end your beach camping day with a pleasant feeling. Those recipes below are easy to prepare and will bring you a very unique taste. Lit up the camp fire, enjoy the meal while talking to each other, and have a good time!

#6 Hobo Dinner

Rate for simplicity: 4/5

Why this? Meat patty-style, hot-and-fresh, all-in-one, no-cleanup. Just grill it!

This is one of the most common beach camping meal, composed of meat and loads of vegetables – all you need for a good dinner!

Hobo Dinner

Prepare everything at home, wrap them up with tinfoil paper thenput them on the grill or open fire at the camp – believe me it’s hot enough. Lastly, enjoy..

Recipe link here

#7 Camping Mac & Cheese

Rate for simplicity: 4/5

Why this? Classic, home-prepared, hot-and-fresh, no-cleanup.

This dish only needs a small fire to cook. Mac & cheese are always the classic – the rich and full flavors of cheese will give you a satisfying meal.

Camping Mac & Cheese
Image: laurenslatest.com

What’s best about this is you can pre-cook the dish, and with a small trick given in the blog, you’re good to go! At the campsite, just heat them up for a little bit for a hot and nutritious dinner.

Recipe link here

#8 Campfire Paella

Rate for simplicity: 3/5

Why this? One-pan, campfire-specialized, hot-and-fresh, multiple choice of ingredients.

Feeling like a real treat for dinner? This dish is perfect for cooking with an open fire – it takes you a little time to chop up the ingredients; but once the pan is hot, just put everything together, mix them up and you’re ready to go.

Campfire Paella
Image: ytravelblog.com

The special taste (enriched by the wood smoke) is guaranteed to make everyone happy after a long day of full activities.

Recipe link here (scroll to the middle for the recipe)

#9 Walking Taco

Rate for simplicity: 4/5

Why this? Mobile-friendly, multiple choice of flavors, no clean-up, fun.

A small break between the beach volleyball matches, climbing up from the water with the feel of hunger – this is the right choice to boost your energy!

Walking Taco
Image: savingdollarsandsense.com

Just prepare the food beforehand in the morning and re-use your chip bags for the container. Your kids would love to have their own favorite kind of Walking Taco even on a camping day!

Recipe link here

The last words

Beach camping is so much fun with allthe sand, the ocean and the outdoor activities.So, don’t let the troubles of cooking get in the way and let foods be part of your beach camping experience by using these 9 easy beach camping food recipes.

Happy camping!

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