7 Best Yoga Poses For Boosting Self Confidence

7 Best Yoga Poses For Boosting Self Confidence

7 Best Yoga Poses For Boosting Self Confidence

With today’s fast pace of life, yoga has become more and more popular to not only women but also men at all ages. It brings about relaxing time for our body and our mind, as well as helps to foster physical and mental health.

There are many different types of yoga with hundreds of poses. Each of them can result in various benefits for practitioners. However, do you know that you are even able to improve your confidence with yoga?

Look at the following 7 best yoga poses for self-confidence to see the miracle of yoga:

Upward facing dog:

This is one of the best poses for yoga learners to improve their posture by strengthening the spine, arms and wrists, stretching the chest and lungs, shoulders, and abdomen. It can even help to reinforce the function of abdominal organs as well as relieve mild depression, fatigue, and sciatica.

It has such many benefits, but you’ll be able to practice this pose quite easily, even if you are beginners. Just start by lying facing down the floor. Your behind legs should be straight, try to keep a distance of a few inches between two legs. The top of your feet should touch the mat. Place two hands on the floor next to your lower ribs. All fingers will be pointed forward to the top of the mat and the elbows will be close to your ribcage.

Inhale as you press your hands down the floor, straighten your arms, lifting up the whole body and keeping your legs a few inches off the floor. Hold up for a few seconds.

Downward facing dog:

This pose is very useful to reduce anxiety. It can strengthen your back, arms and shoulders, tone your core and waist, as well as lengthen the hamstrings and calves.

If you look at the above image, you might think that this pose is easy. However, it is not that comfortable for beginners to practice because you would feel a bit hurt when trying to stretch your legs.

From upward facing dog, you can quickly change to this pose by some small movements. Kneel on your hands and knees while keeping your knees under your hips. Stretch your hands out with all fingertips facing forward and your two hands should be apart with a distance of your shoulder width. Try to straighten your elbows, lift your sit bones up towards the ceiling while keeping your legs straight with the knees away from the floor. If possible, try not to bend your knees. If it is your first time to do this pose and you feel uncomfortable, you can bend your knees a little bit. Try to stretch your spine and press two heels on the floor. Look down to your feet. Hold for 30 seconds.

Tree pose:

This pose is extremely helpful in strengthening thighs, calves, ankles and spine. It also helps to stretch your inner thighs, chest and shoulders while improving the ability to keep balance, relieving sciatica and reducing flat feet.

To stand in this pose, first you must start with mountain pose. Put your hands up with praying gesture, then gradually shift your weight onto the left foot, keeping the inner foot firm to the mat. Bend your right knee. Next, reach down with your right hand and grasp your right ankle, drawing it up and and placing it against your inner left groin.

Remember that the center of your pelvis should be directly over the standing foot. Try to keep your spine straight. Hold on for 30 seconds. After exhaling, repeat with the other leg.

Extended triangle pose:

The extended triangle pose would be a good choice for those who want to stretch their spine, back, shoulders, ankles, hips, groin, hamstrings and calves. It can also reduce backache.

You can do this pose starting from a standing posture. Keep your two feet about 3 feet apart from each other. Your pelvis, chest and head should be aligned. Inhale while raising both arms straight to the sides, palms facing down. Exhale, pivot on your heels and turn your left foot to the right with two heels still in line.

Next, lower your torso to the right hand side, keep your arms parallel to the floor. When your torso is fully extended, put down your left hand, make it touch your ankle, while the right arm is raising up straight to the ceiling. Your head should also look up. Hold for around 30 seconds. Change position and repeat with opposite leg.

Low lunge pose:

This pose is also known as anjeneyasana. It can help to tone hips, arms and shoulders, stretching knees tendons and ligaments. It will contribute a lot to improving your posture, and is one of the best yoga poses for self confidence.

To practice this pose, first of all, step one foot forward. Let’s do it with the right foot first. Align your right knee over your heel. Touch your left knee down the mat. Try not to change the position of your right knee. Slide your left foot back along the mat until you feel enough stretch of your thigh and groin, release the top of your left foot on the floor.

Next, take ten fingertips to the ground on both sides of your hips. Relax your shoulders. As you inhale, soften the weight of your body down into your hips, try to draw the tail bone down toward the floor. Your head should look up to the ceiling. Remain in 30 seconds before getting out of the pose by moving into plank pose.

The following video will bring about more detailed instruction on how to do the low lunge. There can be several other movements if you feel free to follow.

Bow pose:

This is a deep backbend that requires you to work out on the entire back muscles, creating a good posture and reducing stress.

First, lie flat on your stomach with a hip-width distance between two legs. You can put your arms in front of your head or by your sides depending on what makes you more comfortable.

Next, inhale deeply, bend your two legs while extending your arms back to hold your ankles. Try to lift both the front and below part of the body. Stretch your chest, stretch your arms. Remain for a few seconds. Exhale then relax the body. Repeat the movements several times.

Lord of the dance pose:

With this pose, you will be able to stretch your shoulders and chest, as well as your thighs, groins and abdomen. It can also strengthen the legs and ankles while improving your balance.

First of all, stand in mountain pose. As you inhale, shift all your weight onto your right foot. Gradually lift your left heel toward your left butt while bending your knee. Your left arm should be back with the hand touching the left ankle, while your right arm will be extended to the front of your body. Try to stretch the whole body. Keep the standing leg straight and strong. Remain in a few seconds, then repeat the pose with the opposite parts of the body.

Refer to the link below to see how practitioners do this pose:

So, above are 7 recommended best yoga poses for self confidence. You should practice them everyday, and if possible, together with other series of flow to get a perfect result. Remember, the most important thing is patience. Nobody is going to do well at the first time, try to practice in a daily basis then you’ll be more and more improved.

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